A.I Update!

Hello everyone, Pete here.

Our team has been really busy preparing for our first public build of Kraden’s Crypt. One of the things our coders have been working on is the AI system.

We haven’t really had a chance to show how effective and simple it is to apply the AI, but thanks to the in-built “behavioral state machine”, and recent added functions by our coders, the results have really made a big impact of the feel of the game.

One example we have is how our “Eye-bat” enemy behaves. Before these additions, they would simply fly straight towards a player and were quite predictable. Now they are behaving much more cautiously.

As you can see from the video the Eye-Bat is able to avoid oncoming melee attacks from the hammer.

Another significant change is from the Tikiman, who would previously spam spears like machine gun bullets, making him almost impossible to deal with using certain weapons. Now the Tikiman is much more cautious and behaves much more like he values his life.

Get too close and he will flee from a battle, giving players a chance to strike. With ranged players he poses a much greater threat though as he will chase any players who stray too far from his range.

There are also significant changes to the gauntlet attacks. Previously a gauntlet would continuously charge at you without a chance to easily counter it.

As you can see the gauntlet behaves in a much more clumbsy manner by picking a moment to “charge” rather than constantly following, allowing a player to counter its attacks more easily.  You can also see the new animation behavioral state which helps indicate when he is charging or when he is not

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New armor sets, fireball spell and couch multiplayer

Shortly after our last update, we started finishing the first experimental version of the fireball explosion, which turned out to have some mechanical flaws (as we showed on the bulldozer mage video). Therefore, we changed it to work as a projectile that needs to be released, which brought the fireball spell closer to what we originally had in mind. Furthermore, we also introduced the fireball explosion, which damages and pushes away nearby mobs.


Another great thing that has happened since our last update is the extended item system, which allowed us to use the huge amount of armors that our artists have made. Although we are seeking a minimalistic inventory design, with each player only being able to carry a limited amount of items around, we also want to encourage some level of character customization. In terms of armors, this means the helm is separate from the body armor, allowing the player to make any combination between those.


In terms of multiplayer, many improvements were made to allow for local co-op gameplay:

  • Gamepad support for shields, hammers, bows and spells;
  • Room traversal mechanics;
  • Automatic camera re-targeting;
  • Drop-in/drop-out;
  • Tons of multiplayer related bug fixes.

This is excellent news for us, as we intend to host experimental co-op matches in the London Anime & Gaming convention, and our deadline approaches faster than ever.

Curious? Check out Sam & Peter showing these features in action!

The Bulldozer Mage

Greetings, fellow crypters! Last week, Ian provided us with the first experimental version of the fireball spell, so I made some tweaks to get faster movements, and also included gamepad support for it. The final result revealed a mechanics that we currently don’t intend to include with the fireball spell, but I still decided to record it before removing it, so we can study how to take advantage of that for other spells. Check it out on the video below!

Hammers, bows, shields and swords

Hello guys! This is Claudio writing. It’s been a while since I joined the project, so I decided to take the initiative and write something about our recent progress. In the past month, our designers spent quite some time conjuring up a large amount of collectible items: Potions, armors, swords, staffs and bows. As a result, I spent the last week making adjustments so that weapons and shields could be changed as the player picked new items.


As we animate our characters with Spine, the major challenge was to change the texture attached to an item slot while keeping a relative position to the player that doesn’t break the dynamics of the item. For instance, the handle of a sword must always match the character’s hand regardless of the size of the sword texture.


Another subtle, yet meaningful improvement made last week was the automatic generation of shadows for animated sprites. This is essentially a Gaussian convolution of the original sprite, which is made offline, avoiding the consumption of processing power from the player. An example can be seen under the arrow in the figure below:


Although we can also change the skin of swords, its mechanics is still not completed. Also, we have finished the initial version of the fireball spell, which we’ll be talking about in detail soon.


Kraden’s Crypt goes to London!

Hello Crypters!

Last week Ian stumbled upon a Reddit link for a convention in London called London Anime & Gaming Con. They were looking for indie developers to showcase their games. We got in touch with one of the event’s organizers and they loved our game :) So now its official, Kraden’s Crypt will have it’s own booth! :D So far Sam Brett and I will be going to represent the game. Hopefully we’ll be doing it cosplaying as our characters. If anyone has any materials for a costume and props or knows any good deals on merch, drop us a message.

Over and out!

Bug of the Week: Network Multiplayer Hammer

Hello everyone, things are getting busy for the team but the game’s starting to feel really good. Its exciting to know we will soon have multilayer available. Ian has been working on the network code also.

Although it is titled “Bug of the Week” I’m impressed with anything that involves networking. Also featuring “elevator music” by Brett Coop (Dizzy Chok). More news to come soon, so stay tuned!