A.I Update!

Hello everyone, Pete here.

Our team has been really busy preparing for our first public build of Kraden’s Crypt. One of the things our coders have been working on is the AI system.

We haven’t really had a chance to show how effective and simple it is to apply the AI, but thanks to the in-built “behavioral state machine”, and recent added functions by our coders, the results have really made a big impact of the feel of the game.

One example we have is how our “Eye-bat” enemy behaves. Before these additions, they would simply fly straight towards a player and were quite predictable. Now they are behaving much more cautiously.

As you can see from the video the Eye-Bat is able to avoid oncoming melee attacks from the hammer.

Another significant change is from the Tikiman, who would previously spam spears like machine gun bullets, making him almost impossible to deal with using certain weapons. Now the Tikiman is much more cautious and behaves much more like he values his life.

Get too close and he will flee from a battle, giving players a chance to strike. With ranged players he poses a much greater threat though as he will chase any players who stray too far from his range.

There are also significant changes to the gauntlet attacks. Previously a gauntlet would continuously charge at you without a chance to easily counter it.

As you can see the gauntlet behaves in a much more clumbsy manner by picking a moment to “charge” rather than constantly following, allowing a player to counter its attacks more easily.  You can also see the new animation behavioral state which helps indicate when he is charging or when he is not

That’s all for now thanks for reading and please show your support by subscribing to us through Indie-DB.

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