About Chimpulous

A chimp who can use flash to draw things. Born in the Wigan jungle, grew up with twin brother Pipulese. We loved drawing and animating on anything we could find. We eventually found what was once known as Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash) and have not stopped using it since we were about 12. I have always had the passion to create games but lack good programming skills. I hope to find a programmer who loves what we love and build an awesome game with them.

Kraden’s Crypt goes to London!

Hello Crypters!

Last week Ian stumbled upon a Reddit link for a convention in London called London Anime & Gaming Con. They were looking for indie developers to showcase their games. We got in touch with one of the event’s organizers and they loved our game 🙂 So now its official, Kraden’s Crypt will have it’s own booth! 😀 So far Sam Brett and I will be going to represent the game. Hopefully we’ll be doing it cosplaying as our characters. If anyone has any materials for a costume and props or knows any good deals on merch, drop us a message.

Over and out!

Bug of the Week: Network Multiplayer Hammer

Hello everyone, things are getting busy for the team but the game’s starting to feel really good. Its exciting to know we will soon have multilayer available. Ian has been working on the network code also.

Although it is titled “Bug of the Week” I’m impressed with anything that involves networking. Also featuring “elevator music” by Brett Coop (Dizzy Chok). More news to come soon, so stay tuned!