Bug of the Week: Network Multiplayer Hammer

Hello everyone, things are getting busy for the team but the game’s starting to feel really good. Its exciting to know we will soon have multilayer available. Ian has been working on the network code also.

Although it is titled “Bug of the Week” I’m impressed with anything that involves networking. Also featuring “elevator music” by Brett Coop (Dizzy Chok). More news to come soon, so stay tuned!


Video Update

Hey Cryptanators

Figured I’d post a video as It’s been a while… we’ve finally got a full team and are now working on the game real hard, so much I’ve lot touch with the online community a little.

So Here’s a video clip of what the Kraden’s Crypt is looking like as of late. It’d be great to get some feedback or hear any questions you might have! Something playable will soon be bestowed upon thee!