New Programmer Cláudio dos Santos

We thought we’d wait a while before announcing, but here it goes… Just when we thought we couldn’t get unluckier with our attempts at getting another programmer to stick, we get a CV from a guy on I have to say it was a pretty looking CV and although the projects were small, they did impress. He’s also programmed some cool robotics. We decided to give him a go despite our past shortcomings and the guy has fit in better than we could of hoped. His English communication is actually better than mine, plus he has put a lot of effort in to get to grips with the project. As overwhelming it can be sometimes, Claudio and Ian seem to be on fire so the whole team are bouncing off each other with excitement. Yeeeey!

Here’s a link to his website blog

Welcome to the team Cláudio 🙂


Charles Tye Has Left the Team

It would seem that Charles’ time with us has been short, he just didn’t have the spare time or passion for the project he originally thought he had.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed with this recent news, making the the additional coder stick has been a nightmare.

Ah well as Ian says “Fourth times a charm” >n<






Introducing New Kraden’s Crypt Team Member: Charles Tye

Sorry about the lack of news updates on the website. We’re still working diligently on Kraden’s Crypt. In fact as the title does state we’ve got a top secret new addition the team (Programmer: Charles Tye) who is a secret no more!

We are happy to have Charles on the team with his invaluable programming skills. Now balance has been restored to the KC team!

Want to see a few of Charles’ past projects?

Then just head on over to his website:

Welcome aboard Charles!

More updates coming soon!