New armor sets, fireball spell and couch multiplayer

Shortly after our last update, we started finishing the first experimental version of the fireball explosion, which turned out to have some mechanical flaws (as we showed on the bulldozer mage video). Therefore, we changed it to work as a projectile that needs to be released, which brought the fireball spell closer to what we originally had in mind. Furthermore, we also introduced the fireball explosion, which damages and pushes away nearby mobs.


Another great thing that has happened since our last update is the extended item system, which allowed us to use the huge amount of armors that our artists have made. Although we are seeking a minimalistic inventory design, with each player only being able to carry a limited amount of items around, we also want to encourage some level of character customization. In terms of armors, this means the helm is separate from the body armor, allowing the player to make any combination between those.


In terms of multiplayer, many improvements were made to allow for local co-op gameplay:

  • Gamepad support for shields, hammers, bows and spells;
  • Room traversal mechanics;
  • Automatic camera re-targeting;
  • Drop-in/drop-out;
  • Tons of multiplayer related bug fixes.

This is excellent news for us, as we intend to host experimental co-op matches in the London Anime & Gaming convention, and our deadline approaches faster than ever.

Curious? Check out Sam & Peter showing these features in action!

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