Based in Manchester, England

Release date:
Q2 2015

Windows / Linux / Mac



Kraden's Crypt is a physics influenced co-­op dungeon crawler video game for up to four players. This is not a regular rogue-like game: In Kraden's Crypt, you control your weapons by changing their momentum with mouse movements (or by swinging the gamepad thumbstick).

You can wield hammers, bows, swords, shields and many spells. Each of these weapons has its own unique combat mechanics. The sword, for example, is a great weapon to deal fast attacks. It can be paired with a shield, bow or spells, but you can easily become overwhelmed by multiple enemies. The hammer, on the other hand, enables you to deal heavy blows that can devastate multiple enemies. Its massive size and weight, however, require that you use it with both hands, leaving you more vulnerable and without an extra weapon slot.

Other physics elements are also factored into your attack, such as player speed, weapon swing speed and enemy speed. There will also be other ways to interact with the environment to damage enemies.


Origins of Kraden's Crypt

Sam and Peter dreamed of Kraden's Crypt back in late 2012. Big fans of both arcade and physics based games, they designed the core elements of Kraden's Crypt by borrowing aspects from these genres. After that, they spent a few months working on concept art to find the ideal look for their new game.

When the time came to start actually producing the game, they put their skills to work and created a video pitch, illustrating the expected gameplay that worked with their ideas. Its main purpose was to attract the attention of coders, as they knew that Kraden's Crypt would require a dedicated team of at least two programmers to come to reality.

Ian, impressed by the video, was the first coder to join the team, in August of 2013. While working on the game foundations, they kept on searching for another programmer on IndieDB, Reddit and DevelTeam, until they finally met Claudio in February 2014.


  • Heavily animated 2D graphics.
  • Player controlled momentum: Attacks require more than just pressing a button.
  • Single player, couch and online co-op multiplayer.
  • A large variety of monsters and bosses.
  • Handcrafted rooms; randomly built levels.


Greenlight Campaign Trailer YouTube

Combat Mechanics Explained YouTube

London Anime and Gaming Convention YouTube



Greenlight Campaign

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Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter campaign


Selected Articles

  • "The result of all this weapon whackery is a game that feels silly but captures your attention right from the get-go."
    - John Bardinelli, Co-Optimus
  • "A fun game, bristling with vibrant colors, inventive enemy design, an innovative control scheme, loot, and a pleasantly chaotic co-op multiplayer."
    - Calum Fraser, AlphaBetaGamer
  • "After trying Kraden's pre-alpha demo out for a good few hours, I have come to the conclusion that physics-based games are always going to be hilariously fun."
    - Daniel "Eorl" Roy, AusGamers
  • "THE coolest physics based combat that I have seen in a very, very long time."
    - Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground
  • "Survival's the order of the day when a monstrous living, breathing baguette takes us on, so we dust off our weapons and spell books and get ready to do battle."
    - John Meadowcroft, Cartridge

Monetization Permission

WiseWonky allows for the contents of Kraden's Crypt to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Kraden's Crypt is legally & explicitly allowed by WiseWonky. This permission can be found in writing at http://www.kradenscrypt.com/presskit/sheet.php?p=kradens_crypt.

Soundtrack by Dizzy Chok
The original soundtrack of Kraden's Crypt is available on Brett's bandcamp page. dizzychok.bandcamp.com.

About WiseWonky

We are WiseWonky, an independent game studio behind Kraden's Crypt. Our members are the twin artists Sam and Peter Foster, and the not-so-twin programmers Ian Hern and Cláudio Fernandes.

More information
More information on WiseWonky, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Kraden's Crypt Credits

Brett Coop
Sound Engineer

Cláudio Fernandes

Ian Hern

Peter Foster
Artist and Game Designer

Sam Foster
Artist and Game Designer

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