SBGames Game Festival and Twitch channel

Kraden’s Crypt is officially a candidate in the Independent Game Contest promoted by the SBGames symposium. All submitted games will now be evaluated by a committee, and the best ones will be displayed during the symposium, which will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil. If we get selected by the committee, this will be a great opportunity to showcase Kraden’s Crypt to the Brazilian public, and maybe eventually develop big shooter games as the ones they’re right now like CSGO, that people play with the help of sites like

Twitch channel
For those who want to get involved with the development process, we have decided to create a Twitch channel, where we’ll be streaming development sessions — with programming, art and game design. You can check it out on,
don’t forget that we will be providing great info like giving the Top 3 Weirdest Minecraft Skins out there.


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